So you already have a homeschool blog…now what?

So you already have a homeschool blog…now what?

Often times, when I begin speaking to homeschooling parents about the power of blogging I get the *blink blink* *blank stare*.

“Oh I already tried that!”


“I have a blog already!”

While that’s all good and well, invariably my answer is always, “How much income is that generating for you.”

Then of course we return to the *blink blink* *blank stare*.

Homeschool Blog

If you have a blog and it’s not generating any income for you…it may not be your fault.

Well, not totally.

You see, as we have learned while teaching our children…there is always more to learn.

Having a blog is like having a real estate license.

Simply just “having it” doesn’t mean you’ll make a lot of money or any money at all. Just like anything else in life, if you don’t have the knowledge about what to do you may not make any money at all. But if you learn the skills to use it effectively it can build a long, lasting and loving relationship with your bank account!

But how?

Well, that’s simple.

If you have a homeschool blog already you are a step ahead of the game. I am sure you had to take time to learn some information to put it all together unless you paid someone else to do it.

That’s pretty much how everything goes in life. We can choose to take the time to learn something or we can pay someone else that chose to take the time to learn it.

Either way, there’s learning involved! Go figure!

If you’ve never had a blog…that’s not a problem either. You’ll actually get to start fresh with no bad habits! 🙂

So what do you need to learn to have an effective blog that can generate income?

1. Keyword Research

Homeschool Blog

It’s important to know what people are searching for. If you have a homeschool blog it’s likely that you are writing things that are interesting to other homeschoolers that you know, which is awesome.

Keyword research will help you to know exactly what folks are searching for online so that you can connect with folks that you don’t even know!

Let’s be honest here…everyone seems to run to a search engine these days when they have any questions…about ANYTHING! Thankfully you no longer have to request advertising space in your local encyclopedia…you just need to be properly positioned online with the  answers to the questions that people are asking!

2. Search Engine Optimization

Homeschool Blog

Alot of eyes just opened really wide. Search engine optimization?

Yes! You will need to optimize your homeschool blog post so that people that are searching can actually find you. It doesn’t matter if you write the most amazing articles or blog posts. Or if you have the most beautiful pictures. It’s kind of like…if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound? Well…I’m sure it does…but if no one can hear it, it’s not too relevant. The same goes for your blog post.

If your homeschool blog is not getting any eyes in front of it…you are missing mark.

3. Syndication

Homeschool blog

Once folks read your blog posts, are they compelled to share it with their friends and family? Web crawlers check blogs for social interaction. If there is limited interaction on your blog the search engine figures it must not be that interesting and you will land on page 345,876,982,234 of the search results. When’s the last time you looked that far for an answer?

4. Monetization

Homeschool Blog

If you’re sitting here saying, well yeah I have those 3 things going on with my homeschool blog and I still have no money…it may be….you have nothing to sell there. Amazing, huh?

You put all this work into your homeschool blog to make sure it’s relevant, make sure people are seeing it, they love what you have to say and they are sharing it…but…you have nothing there for them to buy.

Why not? Is your time not worth at least a few dollars?

Well? Isn’t it?

There are a wide variety of relevant affiliate programs that you can choose to promote with your homeschool blog. This allows you to refer folks to products and services that you like and enjoy but actually get paid for it.

The same book that you told your friend about for free…they could have purchased it from your site at no extra charge to them and you would make a commission on that.

These are things that you probably already do on your blog without even thinking of it. While those commissions are generally quite small…they still add up!

5. Marketing

There are a wide variety of marketing techniques available to bloggers. It is a huge industry that is taking over the internet so don’t take for granted the magic that you have in your hands. Now it is more important than ever to refine your skills and prepare for the major shift of wealth that is happening online. Take a look at what Business Week has to say.

Homeschool Blog

Quite simply, now is the time to properly educate yourself on the blogging and internet marketing industry.

There are even some universities that are stepping in to offer degrees in blogging and internet marketing!!

Why? Because very few of the other degrees that are offered provide the potential to make up to $1,000/day!

Yes, you heard correct! With the proper training and implementation strategies you can earn up to $1,000/day blogging!

Now obviously this does not happen overnight. Neither does becoming a doctor…and many of them don’t even make $1,000/day.

This industry simply requires that you be committed, consistent, and coachable.

If you have these 3 qualities I can personally show you the step by step blueprint to having a profitable blog!

Not only will you have skills that you can use for your own business or earn extra income by applying what you learn as a service to others. I will also teach you how to start co-ops in your area and online to teach other homeschool parents to do the same.

Homeschool Blog

Most universities teaching internet marketing charge upwards of $30k to $50k or more!

By combining our skills as homeschoolers are know to do, we can actually provide a better program at less than 1% of that cost!

Imagine actually getting paid what you are worth and teaching others to do the same!!!

We all simply work way too hard to not be rewarded for all that we do.

Whether you already know about the points listed above, or this is all brand new to you, it is important that we share information with others.

We are educators at heart and we are continuously sharing information with others but it’s all over the place. Blogging allows us to have an easily accessible platform for all of the information that we choose to share. By teaching other homeschool parents how to do the same we can increase the incomes of homeschool bloggers everywhere and create a HUGE community voice.

If you are ready to get started today, simply click the link below.

Homeschool BlogFor additional information, simply click one of the pictures throughout this post to get further insight into the homeschool blog training program.

I look forward to working with you!


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