Journey of a Lifetime

Empowered Homeschooler works with families around the globe to help deliver the tools needed to provide their families with life changing experiences.
Most of our Empowered Homeschooler families fall within a heavily sought after target demographic as they are generally families that travel for vacation but also for business as well as education! Most of these families have an estimated income anywhere from $50K/ year to some of our top earners that are making upwards of $300K/year and have the flexibility to travel year round due to the fact that they work AND educate their children from home.

Due to popular demand, Empowered Homeschooler has decided to take the show on the road as we travel the globe providing parents around the world with the tools, techniques, and skills necessary to give their children the most phenomenal opportunities ever known. With the world as our textbook, we are able to open up a multitude of educational options for our children that allows them to get to see and experience the things that most students will only get to read about during their lifetime.

Our journey will be documented through a series of online interactions through our videos, pictures and of course blogging. This life changing video series that will be promoted to over 50,000 active members in our network and made viral as they share with their circle as well. We are currently tapped in to a huge buyer’s network that can completely change the dynamic of your customer base.

I would like to extend an invitation to your company to participate in this amazing advertising opportunity. We have several sponsorship levels to provide you with just the amount of exposure your business needs. From logo placements to interactive giveaways and everything in between we have the right package to suit your needs and your budgets. We will also consider “like-kind” sponsorship for select sponsors.

This journey will generate thousands of viral videos as well as events across the country where you will have the opportunity to have special mention or logo placement. This journey will be heavily marketed utilizing a wide variety of strategies that will yield a highly favorable response from the many family travelers that connect with us.

Our partnership with iSupport Small Biz Magazine also allows for additional exposure leveraging a globally distributed publication which targets an affluent demographic worldwide.

Each Sponsor will receive a full article on their product or service, video/web promotion and much much more.

If you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to call. I would be happy to give you some more guidelines of what we require to benefit our clients as well as to promote your business.

I look forward to working with you to make this a wonderful journey for everyone involved.

Take a look here for more information on how you can become a sponsor of this Journey of a Lifetime!!


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