How to get laser targeted traffic by creating your custom avatar

How to get laser targeted traffic by creating your custom avatar

How to get laser targeted traffic by creating your custom avatar


No I don’t mean a small picture for your social media profile silly!


Now before I explain what your customer avatar is, I want to tell you why it is so important to know what it is. Having a clear picture of your customer avatar will yield:


-more qualified leads

-higher sales conversions

-happier customers that don’t make your life miserable


Ok so now that you KNOW you want this…let’s discuss. What IS a customer avatar?


Your custom avatar is actually a representative of your ideal customer.


Customer avatars are extremely important in marketing. This is an awesome ninja strategy to increase sales conversions and get laser targeted traffic.


The point of creating your customer avatar is that once you know WHO they are, it’s makes it much easier to figure out WHERE they are. This is imperative in finding your best traffic source and exactly where you should be advertising.


The truth is, there are tons of people out there that actually want what you have and they are ready to buy. The other side of this truth is that there are tons of folks out there that are just mildly interested in what you have and they need lots of time and convincing before they will buy and once they do buy they are intent on being a royal pain in your backside. There are also plenty of folks out there that are not interested in what you have at all and will not buy from you even if your product was hand delivered to them on a silver platter. The key to happy marketing is to get more of the first kind than the second and third. And how do you do that? I thought you’d never ask!


Psychology is an important part of marketing, as you need to be able to figure out what goes on inside the mind of your prospects. While this seems difficult at first, it’s actually much easier than you think! Not to mention, once you take the time to create your customer avatars, your advertising costs will decrease and your conversions will dramatically increase!


When you create your avatar you need to name them and connect with them. You need to know what type of emotions they feel. What type of problems do they have? What type of life do they live? What type of solutions are they looking for? Why do they need your product and what are the emotions behind those needs?


By the time you finish creating your avatar you should be feeling their pains and emotions. This is what will help to fuel your marketing pieces.

Next, you will need to know…where is your avatar hanging out? This will help you to determine the demographics of your avatar.


Brainstorm at least 10 sites where you think your avatar would be online. Once you have your list you can do a bit more research and find out the inside scoop on your ideal customer.


Two great tools to use are: as well as google ad planner


By simply entering your avatar’s favorite hang outs you can get a real sense of who they are including age range, income, household statistics and more!


You need to calculate and write down their average user0: age groups, interests, genders, income levels and sites visited.

That information alone is enough to create an avatar, but you should dig a little deeper. Using those tools you might find out that your audience consists of mainly 25-35 year old women with 2-3 kids on an average salary of $30,000. Let’s also say you found out the 3 most popular interests were: shopping, facebook and knitting.

Using that information you could create an Avatar named Sally. Here’s a short example:

Sally is a 30 year old mom of 2 on a mid range salary of $30,000. She usually spends her time shopping with girlfriends, stalking people on Facebook and knitting. With 2 kids and only $30,000 each year; Sally struggles to pay the bills. After 2 years she took to the Internet in search of a way to make some extra money. After six months she stumbled upon, where she was able to make money completing surveys each day. (INSERT HOT BUTTONS HERE, HERE) and scatter them all over the place with emotional triggers. Now Sally is able to make an extra $1000/month.

See what I did there? I used the demographic and psychographic data to empathize with the target audience, triggering their emotions and greatly increasing the chance of them buying.

You need to add a lot more detail and emotional triggers to your avatar. A background story, as well as the reasons why the avatar wants to buy. You must incorporate the reasons for buying and the FEARS behind those reasons.

Find Likes On Facebook

Go onto Facebook, find your target audience and see what they are liking. List any groups, authors, people, products or subjects that are popular. These interests will allow you to advertise right in front of them.

Answer These Questions

  • What are they thinking and feeling?
  • What are they hearing/being told?
  • What do they see from their perspective?
  • What do they stand to gain?
  • What are their pains and fears (reasons)?

After answering all of the above, you’ll have enough data to create several avatars to completely profile your target audience and customers.

Ideally you should create 4 avatars, one for each age group. Use your avatars in your marketing, advertising and ad campaigns for super targeted marketing!



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