About Empowered Homeschooler

The main vision and goal for Empowered Homeschooler is to empower homeschoolers worldwide and help them experience true personal and financial freedom.
My goal is to teach you how to leverage systems and tools to build a profitable business from home to create additional income which can enhance your homeschooling options and provide you with fresh new learning opportunities!
I’m a homeschooling mother of two. I think it’s important for parents to have the flexibility to be with their children as much as they want to without having to limit their income to do so.
Homeschooling and running a household in itself is a full time job, however that on it’s own does not send dollars flowing into my bank account. This is why I have learned the art of generating an income from home.
Empowered Homeschooler is a vision I have of homeschooling parents increasing their knowledge by learning the skills of internet marketing, one of the fastest growing professions worldwide. In turn we are able to teach others and leverage all of our individual skills. This site is intended to help you learn the many ways to make money from home because I do not believe in having to choose between home and earning money.
As we move from the era of brick and mortar to click and order, the opportunities for parents to earn an income from home is at an all time high, and I am passionate about helping parents to be able to be home (or traveling) with their kids.I’m excited to share with you what I have learned and continue to learn along the way.

This site will:

  • Show you how you can generate thousands of dollars online by using a blog
  • Explain blogging from the basics to editing your own code and making your blog work for you
  • Provide tons of information about traffic-building, marketing and branding
  • Show you how to build an online Co-op class for moms in your network that are interested in sharpening their skills and boosting their bank acct
  • Feature other moms who are making it happen and willing to tell you how
  • Provide a platform for answering all your questions about earning money on-line
I’ll also share some of my random homeschooling adventures along the way!
If you’re ready to get started with access to my basic blogging training, you can click here.
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